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Due to the new Fcc rules in the next month MSBIT will be changing data service. This is a unforeseen issue that should not cause any problems to you. This will take about a day to complete, web hosting and email services will be down for about a day. But your Internet will be back up in few hours. If you have any questions please call or email.


The upgrade is almost done. New server's going online this week. This will help with email and web hosting.  As always with MSBIT Service Is Job #1


Msbit was hit by the storm on Saturday we lost two dns servers and Cox city ap. This caused a problem with the email server. Cox City parts have been order, we  hope to have it up and working as fast as possible. I know that email and the web service is a critical part of operation for some. I will do my best to get this taken care of. Thank you for your patience on this matter and as always Service is Job #1


Email Services are up and working if you are having any problems please call.


Cox City Back up.


MSBIT   Now Serving Velma, Oklahoma.

MSBIT Now Serving Fox, Oklahoma


MSBIT took it worst hit by the storms on May 7 2008, we lost Lindsay AP's and Cox City AP and the link to Foster, Velma, Fox. We have replaced all equipment the system is back up. We had a slow connection on Foster but have corrected it. Foster and Velma will be going down first part of the week to replace a link. It should not be down long. We thank you for patience, and As always with MSBIT Service Is Job #1

New Update


If you are turn off for non-pay there will be a $36.00 reactivation fee added to your bill on the next billing cycle.